Analysis (w/w)
Co-formulant, vitamins ,enzymes  
Specific gravity: 1,038 g/ml
pH: 12-13



• High purity of raw materials, which makes the product suitable for foliar application.

• It is a growth regulator studied for application on apple and pear trees.

• Under certain climatic conditions the apples fruits, belonging to Red Delicios group, have the tendency to take a flattened shape.

• The utilization of this product restores the normal length of fruit according to the varietal standards.

• It also prevents or reduces russetting in Golden Delicious, a physiological alteration causing substancial yield depreciation.

Application and dosages:

By foliar spray, apply at the following dosage (cc in 100 litres of water), using fine nozzle sprayng equipment, make sure that both upper and lower leaf surfaces are thoroughly wet.

APPLE (Red Delicious group):

• Shape improvement: spray the product at 70-100 cc between full flowering (80% open flowers) and petal fall, better if splitted in two treatments at 35 50 cc. each 7-10 days.

APPLE (Golden Delicious):

• Russetting prevention: spray the product at 25-30 cc. each treatment, on a 3-4 applications program.The first treatment at the end of flowering and the other at 7-10 days interval.

APPLE ( young non-fruit bearing plantations and nurseries):

• Apply on the top of 50-70 cm. long shoots being in full growth and with correct leaf development by using 2000 lt of water per hectar at the dosage of 4,5-5,5 lt/ha.

PEAR (fruit setting and shape improvement):

• Apply 60-80 cc. at the beginning of flowering, possibly split in two treatments each of 30-40 cc. The first application at 20-30% of open flower stage and the second one within 2-3 days later.


Don’t apply when temperatures are below 7°C or above 32°C. The product should be stored at normal room temperature.  In case of accidental spillage, clean up with suitable absorbing material.It is advisable to use the product alone.

Package: 250 ml, 500 ml,1 L