Analysis (w/w)
Co-formulant, vitamins ,enzymes  
Specific gravity: 1,012 g/ml
pH: 6,5-6,8



• High purity of raw materials, which makes the product suitable for foliar application.

• It is a growth regulator containing co-formulant to stimulate plant metabolism.

Application and dosages:

By foliar spray, apply at the following dosage (cc in 100 litres of water), using fine nozzle sprayng equipment, make sure that both upper and lower leaf surfaces are thoroughly wet.

CITRUS: Spray at 50-100 cc on orange, lemon and grapefruit at fruit colouring. On clementine at 70 120 cc.

The purpose of the treatment is to increase fruit skin quality and reduce fruit drop.

STRAWBERRY: Spray 100-140 cc. 30-40 days before flowering, to anticipate flowering and an advanced harvest.

PEAR: Spray 50-100 cc. during flowering to increase fruit setting, promote fruit development and to protect flowers from late frost.

ARTICHOKE: Spray 50-100 cc. The first treatement at flower head formation the second one after the first harvest

GRAPES: Spray 150-250 cc. before flowering to improve fruit setting .

POTATO:Dip the tubers, for few minutes and then put them in place to break the dormancy, in a solution of 5 cc. for cut tubers and 20 cc. for whole tubers.

FLOWERS: Spray 40-70 cc. to increase flowering and flowers size. Repeat treatment every 20-30 days at the dosage of 40 cc.


It is advisable to treat during the coolest hours of the day. Do not apply in high temperature.

The product should be stored at normal room temperature. In case of accidental spillage, clean up with suitable absorbing material 

It is advisable to use the product alone.

Package: 250 ml, 500 ml,1 L