Analysis (w/w)
Co-formulant, vitamins ,enzymes  
pH: 7,5-7,7



• High purity of raw materials, which makes the product suitable for foliar application.

• It is a growth regulator containing Nitrogen for a better activity.

• Nitrogen is presents in forms quickly available for the plants.

Application and dosages:

Dosages may vary according to temperatures, using lower concentrations for plants treated in mild temperatures and higher concentrations for plants treated in colder temperatures. It can not prevent fruit drop with temperatures lower than 10°C.

Dosages refer to medium temperatures around 20°C.

For every 5°C temperature increase, the dosage should be increased by 0,01%.

By foliar spray, apply at the following dosage (cc in 100 litres of water), using fine nozzle sprayng equipment, make sure that both upper and lower leaf surfaces are thoroughly wet.


Very early varieties: 7 days before harvest 15 cc.

Early varieties: 15 days before harvest 25-30 cc.

Normal varieties: 15 days before harvest 30-50 cc.

Late varieties: 15 days befor harvest 50-75 cc


Spray 10-15 days before harvest at 50 cc.


First treatment 15-20 days before harvest and the second one 7days before. using 50-70 cc.


It is advisable to treat during the coolest hours of the day.

Do not apply in high temperature.

The product should be stored at normal room temperature.

In case of accidental spillage, clean up with suitable absorbing material.

It is advisable to use the product alone.

Package: 250 ml, 500 ml,1 L