AnalysisAnalysis (w/w)
B 0,6%
Co 0,03%
Cu 1,2%
Fe (EDTA chelated) 1,2%
Mn 1,2%
Mo 0,06%
Zn (EDTA chelated) 1,2%
S 17,0%
Stability range of the chelated element pH 4-9
pH (0.3% solution) 6,5 - 6,8



• High purity of raw materials, which makes the fertilizer suitable for drip irrigation.

• Micro nutrients contents are quickly up taken by roots tissues

• Nutrients are presents in forms quickly availablefor the plants.

• High Magnesium and Sulphur content. TheSulphur corrects alcaline soils.

• Prevents and cures micro nutritional disorders.

• Optimal well-balanced plant nutrition.

• Improves colour, sweetness, consistency andincreasing size of fruits.

• Promotes all the biochemicals plant’s processes which need activation energy.

• Higher yields. Application and dosages: By fertigation, apply at the following dosage (Kg/Ha.) and repeat 2-3 times if needed:


Application and dosages:

Fruit Trees: 25 Kg/Ha. - at the reawakening, inblossoming and after fruit setting.

Grape Vine: 25-30 Kg/Ha. - from the first vegetativephases.

Vegetable Crops:15-20 Kg/Ha - from the first vegetative phases.

Flower and Ornamentals: 20-25 Kg/Ha. - from thefirst vegetative phases.

Industrial Crops: 25-30 Kg/Ha - from the first vegetative phases.


The product should be stored at normal room temperature.

It can be mixed with all common fertilizers and pesticides, but it is advisable to make a small compatibility test before apply. Do not mix with

Calcium based fertilizers

Package: 1 kg, 2,5 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg