Analysis (w/w)
Fe 6%
Specific gravity 1,286 g/ml
pH 9,8-10,0
pH (0,5% solution) 7,5



• It is an organic iron based compound employed to prevent or cure ferric chlorosis in all cultivations.

• Foliar applications must be given from the beginning of the lack of iron manifestations (foliar yellowing).

• Foliar treatements are suggested in spring time, from March to June, during full vegetative activity of the plants.

Application and dosages:

By foliar spray, apply at the following dosage (cc in 100 litres of water). Are recommended 2-3  applications.

Fruit Trees: 200-250 cc.

Grapes: three treatements at 10-15 days interval using 200-250 cc.

Vegetable Crops:150-200 cc. and repeat at least one time.

Flower and Ornamentals: spray at 150-200 cc. repeat if necessary.


It is advisable to treat during the coolest hours of the day.

Do not apply in high temperature.

The product should be stored at normal room temperature. In case of accidental spillage, clean up with suitable absorbing material.

The product can be mixed with all common fertilizers and pesticides, but it is advisable to make a small mixture test before apply.

Package: 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L