Analysis (w/w)
CaO 10%
B 3%
Specific gravity 1,400 g/ml
pH 5,5 - 5,7



• High purity of raw materials, which makes the product suitable for foliar application.

• High content of Calcium and Boron in liquid form

• Calcium and Boron are quicky assorbed by the leafs supported by the presence of co-formulant

• Improves the consistency of the vegetal tissues and fruits, besides colour, shelf life, taste etc.

• Improves the deseases resistency.

• Improves the building of cell walls after theirdivision.

• Boron increases pollen fertility.

Application and dosages:

By foliar spray: apply at the following dosage (cc in 100 litres of water).

Fruit Trees: in pre-blossoming, after fruit setting and before fruits colouring spray at the rate of250-300 cc.

Grapes: three treatements at 10-15 days interval starting from bunch formation using 200-250 cc.

Vegetable Crops:in pre-blossoming at 200-250 cc. and repeat at least three times.

Flower and Ornamentals: spray at 200-250 cc. during pre-blossoming stage and repeat two-three times

Industrial Crops: spray at 250-300 cc. in case of deficency. Repeat if needed.


It is advisable to treat during the coolest hours of the day.

Do not apply in high temperature. The product should be stored at normal room temperature. In case of accidental spillage, clean up with suitable absorbing material.

The product can be mixed with all common fertilizers and pesticides, except products containing sulphate,

Package: 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L